"For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them."

Matthew 18:20

How We Can Help You!

We are passionate about gospel-centered marriage!

The union of marriage is a beautiful gift from God but sadly is not viewed that way by everyone. Many marriages today are in crisis or deeply hurting.

Our mission is to work with couples to cultivate deep-rooted relationships and lifelong love. We help them to connect, communicate from the heart, develop healthy relationship patterns, discover their dreams, and discern God's direction so they can live fruitful and intentional Christ-centered marriages.

We would love to partner with you to help premarital and married couples in your congregation or ministry.

Marriage Workshop or Retreat

Many couples today make the mistake of pursuing life, careers, and family needs and then wonder why their marriage relationship is hurting. Our marriages are continuously evolving through the various seasons of life. If the relationship is not nurtured, it will gradually dwindle, leaving two once in love, people feeling very distant and disconnected.

We offer the SYMBIS+ program that uses the SYMBIS+ Assessment that comprises seven distinct areas of focus and discovery that will help couples revitalize and rekindle that deep love and relationship with one another.

We also offer a Marriage Restoration Weekend, which is a one and half day program that can be set up as a workshop or retreat. This program covers Grace/Humility, Communication/Conflict, and Expectations/Understanding along with couples activities.

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Premarital Preperation - Individual Couple or Group

We use the SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts) program, which helps couples experience marriage the way God intended by preparing for a healthy and lifelong marriage relationship.

Based on research, couples who participate in pre-marriage programs experience a 30% increase in marital success and fulfillment over those who do not participate.

  • SYMBIS assessment to be completed by each person online
  • Each couple recieves a 15-page report, fully customized around their personal and relational marriage momentum
  • Review SYMBIS results and work through core exercises
  • Discuss: Marriage covenant, conflict, finances, intimacy, spirituality, socail supports, and more
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