Godly Vision Creates Magnificent Marriages!

Are you letting your marriage hang by a thread?


Walk with me and let's talk about how God can mend it. Magnificent marriages don't just happen; they take work. Maybe you have a good marriage or even a struggling marriage, I certainly get that. However, God tells us in John 10:10 that he wants us to have abundant lives and that includes our marriage. I want that kind of marriage, don't you? As I pondered this thought, a few days later I had this Aha moment. For someone married for many years, it was like how have I overlooked this for so long!! My marriage is the most important relationship next to God, but how intentional were we being to grow our marriage more deeply?


Fresh Start


This Aha moment happened for me in January, not long after the New Year. Well, I love when the New Year approaches because it's like getting a fresh start on so many things. I often feel this way when Spring rolls around as well. My point however is whether it comes to my job, health, physical fitness, or several other things, I must admit I am all about setting goals. Then it dawned on me why haven't my husband and I been setting marriage goals? Yes, our marriage was in a good place, but how much better could it become if we discussed a yearly marriage plan and came up with intentional steps that would enrich and grow our marriage to thrive. So, the more thought and prayer I gave to the idea, I talked with my husband and shared my idea. I felt we were going in the same direction, but if we are to live our marriage intentionally, then I knew we had to seek Christ and ask him to lead us to come up with our plan. Our vision!


"It's never too late to begin our plans,

but if we never plan, we will never begin."

No Plan - No Action


I didn't want this to be a pie in the sky idea and something that we really could not do. There have been plenty of times that I have come up with goals, only to look back and see I did not get very far. How disappointing is that? Can you possibly relate? I realized that most of the time, I had goals with no action plan, or I made my goals so lofty I already sabotaged myself without knowing it. The perfectionist in me wants to achieve everything and do it perfectly. That's not why we should be setting goals.



Marriage Goals, Why?


Is it worth creating yearly marriage goals? Yes! Absolutely! They help us stay connected to each other. Keep us focused on growing deeper in oneness. Get us out of being stagnant and set in our old patterns. Most importantly, with our goals being Christ-centered, it keeps our marriage Christ-centered.


Needless to say, my husband and I set out to create our one-year plan!


Start the New Year off by creating your own yearly marriage goals to ignite and cultivate your relationship!


Click the link below to get the 5 Key Steps to Setting and Keeping Yearly Marriage Goals.