How Healthy is My Marriage?

Has this question been on your mind? Whether you’re newlyweds or have been together for a while, it’s always a good idea to check in and assess the health of your relationship. A happy marriage requires effort from both partners, so it’s essential to recognize … Read more

2-6-23 FB Post Love Lang Valentine's 500x500
How to Know Your Spouse’s Love Language and Why It Matters

Love is an essential part of marriage, so this Valentine’s Day, why don’t you and your partner take time to make it the priority it should be? When it comes to expressing love, every couple has different ways of sharing their feelings for one another. … Read more

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What to Do When Your Spouse “Emotionally Checks Out”

In the honeymoon phase of a relationship, couples are often so in love with each other that they focus on the positive aspects of their relationship. A typical evening might look like this: you prepare dinner together or sit in a restaurant, discussing everything that … Read more