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Seeking a Deeper Marriage or Just Starting Out? You're in the Right Place to Learn How to Connect, Grow, and Thrive Through Christ!

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Just like a solid foundation is vital for a home, it is even more critical for marriage! Perhaps you are just starting your marriage journey, or maybe you have been married for many years; either way, having a strong foundation is essential to a fulfilling and fruitful relationship.

When we get married, we all have so many hopes and dreams for our future. Who doesn't?

We certainly aren't thinking about potential relationship breakdowns that may arise, such as communication, parenting, finances, intimacy, spiritual life, careers, and more.

The good news is it's possible to diminish those struggles! How? By investing in your marriage to create a fulfilling and deep-rooted relationship.

Don't leave your most important relationship to chance or place it on autopilot once you say, "I do." To experience victory in your marriage, you must always take action to move forward!

We have walked alongside many premarital and married couples for over 15+ years. We are passionate about helping couples discover their God-given desires, strengths, and giftedness and gain clarity and vision to grow deeper in their relationship and live thriving lives. As certified professional life coaches, DISC coaches, and SYMBIS facilitators, we provide guidance, biblical truth, and tools to set a firm foundation and strengthen and grow your marriage for His glory.


Our Story


We're Terry and Karen Rodgers, and we have been married for over thirty-two years. The crazy thing; we have been married twice. Yes, we have been through some challenging struggles, which in part is how Missional Living Coaching came about. Looking back over those trying times, feeling hopeless and like we had nowhere to turn, we felt God calling us to share what we've learned.


We have two adult children and a son-in-law, and we are proud grandparents of two beautiful granddaughters. We cherish our time with family and thank the Lord daily that we can share these beautiful moments together.

We want to serve Jesus well and share the hope and love we have found in Christ personally and in our marriage. We have a heartfelt desire to live life missionally for Christ, a quest we will be on until He brings us home.

Are you just living or living missionally in your God-given purpose?

We invite you to jump in with us and take on this mission!


Terry & Karen